Sound Therapy is the controlled stimulation of the ear with a variety of sound and or vibration. I am trained in the use of The Listening Programme (TLP) and Johansen Sound Therapy. Both are home based programmes using CD’s of specially recorded classical music. You can find out more about TLP at www.advancedbrain.com and Johansen at www.johansensoundtherapy.com. I am also trained in Madaule Ear Voice Connection techniques.

Sound Therapy can be used for a number of different conditions and people:

  • Children with auditory processing delay a grand title to mean that the transfer of sound, especially language, does not reach the brain as fast or as clearly as it should. They may already be diagnosed with dyslexia, or have a reading, writing and spelling difficulty.
  • Children with delayed development of speech, either that they have poor development of language, or poor pronunciation and or vocabulary. These problems may have arisen because of a birth injury, glue ear, recurrent ear infections or as a result of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For those with brain injury and ASD the improvement goes beyond speech and language.
  • For those with hyperactivity, poor attention, poorly co-ordinated (Dyspraxia).
  • Children or adults with a stammer, or hesitant speech.
  • People who wish to improve their listening skills for professional reasons, or who want to improve their ability to learn another language, to play a musical instrument or sing.
  • Anyone whose language becomes impaired following an accident or stroke.
  • People with tinitus, ringing in the ears. Or noise, age related hearing loss.