Comments made by clients:

“His grandmother hadn’t seen him for several weeks and said, my goodness he’s not the same child.”

“I’ve been to parent’s evening, the teacher is so pleased with his progress”

“It was a wonderful holiday, he was so much more sociable, just joined in with the other kids and enjoyed himself.” A 10 year old boy who got on well with family and older people but just couldn’t relate to his peers.

“She is just so much easier to live with, and she’s got friends; I don’t just love her, I like her now.”

“I’m so excited, he’s been invited to his 1st birthday part ever. I so hope it goes well.”

“School say he’s done so well he won’t have to say down and repeat the year.” A seven year old boy is suddenly able to read. Mum asks what’s the difference Patrick, why couldn’t you and now you can. “I don’t see double any more.” “Why didn’t you tell me you see double I would have understood,” replied Mum. “I didn’t know it wasn’t normal, I’ve always seen double.”

“He’s out of the remedial reading class, and the maths teacher says he’s developed so much he’s the best in his class.”

“He’s not nearly so silly, I was beginning to think that’s just how he is and we’ll have to put up with it. Now, don’t misunderstand me, he has his silly moments but he’s not nearly so irritating as he was.”

“He doesn’t fight with his brother like he did and its not that his brother has changed he can still be a wind up, but Matthew has changed, he’s more tolerant.”

“Can I make an appointment for you to see my son? We have seen so much difference in our nephew since he has been seeing you.” The uncle of an 8 year old with specific learning difficulties, who had very little tolerance to frustration.

“Oh I wish my sister could afford to bring her kids to see you; you’ve made such a difference to mine” A mum with 2 children on the Autistic Spectrum.

“You know, I can begin to see changes in Adrian, though he was the oldest he always seemed the youngest. Now he seems to be holding his own better, more confident.”

My own son, who went through all the programmes, some from other therapists, many from me:
“Mum, will you get my supplements ready for when I go back to uni.”
During his 1st year at university, and as a non reader at twelve I never expected him to ever go to university, he didn’t take his supplements despite me sending him with all he should need. His reason was that he wanted to forget about all his difficulties, and having made uni he thought he would now be OK. He had been home for a year having had a bad fracture of his leg and was preparing to return, hence the request. My response was, I will, but they aren’t cheap and you didn’t take them in the first year, so what’s changed.
“Oh Mum, having been without them for a year and now back on them, I know I’m crap without them.”

Now with the latest treatment: using light through a coloured filter, which I find reduces the need for nutritional supplements:

“I’m really glad their having their check up I don’t like them not having their supplements; they have been so well on them: I really like to see something going in.”

Something was going in, coloured light; frequencies normally delivered by the sun, but we aren’t used to seeing either light or colour as a nutrient. Not only do the two boys remain well, but the oldest who was beset with frequent infections which he couldn’t easily shift, has been well consistently since starting the light therapy.