Do I treat children who are prescribed stimulant drugs such as Ritalin,
and what are my views on this type of treatment?

Stimulants work for the child with true ADHD because it alters the brain waves, it literally perks then up. This may be because it replaces a deficiency in a specific neuro-chemical that has some linked action similar to the drug. It is always best to maintain the brain and body chemistry to that in nature; however when parents have found no other treatment effective in enabling the child and the family to function within acceptable limits it is sometimes essential that stimulant therapy is used. I do not ever take children off this treatment, but I do hope that sometime during treatment it would be not only desirable but possible. Many children I have treated have successfully come off these stimulant drugs without detriment. Although the stimulant drugs do help some children I believe many, who do not fit into the group that benefits, are prescribed these drugs. It must be remembered that these drugs belong to the amphetamine group of drugs, that they have many known side effects, but even as yet we cannot determine all the side effects of long term use upon not fully matured individuals.