NDD and the Adult

When a failure of development in the brainstem occurs in childhood, resulting in the reflex anomaly of retained Primitive Reflexes and subsequent under-development of the Postural Reflexes, it remains throughout life. Many adults learn to make physical, mental and emotional compensations, managing the difficulties within the wider context of their lives. The degree and effect of these compensations will have different effects upon different adults. Many become very successful, with only them appreciating the extent of their difficulty or dysfunction; or, maybe, so used to them by now that they no longer appreciate the difficulties they have.

So long as the reflex profile remains the same, the type of difficulty that the adult has will not change from those experienced by the child. I therefore suggest that you read the sections on Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD)Primitive ReflexesPostural ReflexesDyslexiaDypraxia etc and NDD.

Many adults will continue to experience marked difficulties with reading and academic work, others with work and relationships, and yet others with self esteem and fitting into society. Sometimes agoraphobia and other related conditions, frequently termed neurotic, can be attributed to NDD.

If you feel that what you have read refers to you as an adult please do complete the Adult Screening Questionnaire; however a word of warning about progressing any further.

  • The treatment for NDD is prolonged laborious, difficult to fit into a probably already busy schedule.
  • It works by rewiring the brain stem; and consequently above and beyond into the conscious brain. Your feelings and responses are very likely to change.
  • If you are in happy relationship neither you, nor your partner, may desire this change.
  • If you are in a job where some of your difficulties are advantageous, you may not be able to perform this role. E.g. architect, artist; your perception of the world will change, so will your drawing.
  • Emotionally the effects can be very disturbing, with people experiencing flashbacks, regression.
  • You will need a lot of emotional support; I will only take people if they also have simultaneous counselling.

These effects do not have the same major impact upon children as they are constantly changing; they have not developed a fixed identity.

If you are managing your life and are reasonably happy with it, albeit aware that life does have its difficulties, I recommend that you structurally leave your brain and your life as it is.However, understanding your difficulties goes a long way in learning how to manage them and for many adults undergoing a full diagnostic assessment, followed by an analysis of the findings, leaves them much more able to understand themselves, their reactions; and hence more in control of their life. Many people also find during this evaluation that they have allergies, enzyme deficiencies and that their nutritional status is not as good as it should be. Correction of this can have dramatic effects; making you feel better and better able to manage what your own body and life throw at you.

If you feel you are not managing your life, I am happy to discuss the situation with you; either by phone or email. For those wishing to complete the Adult Screening Questionnaire you can do so on the web and return to me. The first part of the questionnaire is the same as for the child, complete as much as you can.