Aspergers Syndrome or Autism

I have treated children with both of these conditions. Many have found that sound therapy is of particular benefit to children with communication difficulties. Many of the auditory hypersensitivities are successfully eradicated. Wherever the condition co-exists with an abnormal reflex profile, which is easily established on testing or by filling in the screening questionnaire on this site, benefits will always occur once that reflex profile mediated through exercise. It is frequently necessary to determine the levels of nutrients and neuro-chemicals within the brain, to correct any deficiency. Sometimes treatment is very successful, at others less so, but always in my experience helpful. I suggest that anybody with a child with either of these conditions reads the sections on Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD), the effects of the Primitive Reflexes, and what the treatments are, and determines for themselves how much it appears to relate to their own child. Anyone can complete the Children Screening Questionnaire and return it to me via the Internet. I will contact all who do so with my analysis.