Diabetes management the natural way

I have just heard from a long standing client that her blood sugar levels are within normal limits having come off her prescribed medication.  This lady developed a raised blood sugar in her second pregnancy, which settled after the baby was born.  The same thing happened during the third pregnancy, when she came to see me and we controlled the blood sugar levels with zinc, magnesium and cinnamon.  After the baby was born the levels became normal again.  During her 4th pregnancy it was more difficult to control the blood sugar and after the baby was born the levels remained high.  At that time I wasn’t sure if this very busy lady continued with the supplements and she was eventually prescribed metformin by her GP.  Sometime later she came back to see me and we resumed the zinc, magnesium and cinnamon, adding vitamin D this time.  Hey presto blood sugar levels now within normal limits and the GP has not re prescribed any medication.  This lady’s mother has been diabetic for 30 years plus and both are over weight.

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