Antibiotic Resistance

We have all heard about infections that have become resistant to antibiotics, yet still people are asking or expecting antibiotics for virus infections even though they know that antibiotics are not effective against virus.  The trouble is that the more we expose bacteria to specific antibiotics the faster they can become resistant.  There is a lot of publicity about medical exposure but far less about the amount that we obtain from food.  Intensively farmed animals are routinely given antibiotics to prevent infection because they are  so closely packed together. Bigger animals such as cows are also routinely given antibiotics as growth enhancers.  Whenever we eat animals that have received these antibiotics we are also eating them too.  And, these animals frequently harbour antibiotic resistant bacteria, which we are also eating.  See Dr Mercola’s article 

So the preferred option has to be free range chickens and pork and wild caught fish.  We also need to demand that the government do more to stop farmers using antibiotics.  Garlic is a very good anti organism natural food, best eaten crushed and raw.

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