Hello, you have come to this site because you want to find a real alternative to taking prescription drugs; or because you’re doctor has no real effective treatment for you; or you simply want an MOT to see whether you can improve your health. I see people for many different reasons but only too often I hear patients say to me my doctor says I have to learn to live with it; or its one of the problems of getting old, there’s nothing medicine can do. Well that’s the whole point really, medicine only treats symptoms, and it rarely treats the cause.  The cause is wear and tear, inflammation, infection, allergy, an imbalance within the normal body and brain chemistry, inheritance. OK I have a tendency to get a bit complicated and long winded so I’ll try to keep it simple.

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or infection so when a doctor prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug he’s not providing any form of cure. I would find out what is causing the inflammation and why your body is not dealing with it. OK, antibiotics did effectively cure infection, well bacterial, but increasingly the bugs are becoming resistant so I prefer a form of treatment which enables the natural defences within the body to work better.  Infection isn’t inevitable, even from exposure. Wear and tear is possibly inevitable, but some bodies deal much more successfully with it than others, why? Surely the treatment must lie in that why. Many say we are made from what we eat; which could imply that if we eat healthily we will be healthy, if we eat rubbish then we will turn into …..; well I won’t go that far. Although there is a lot of truth in that it’s not exactly accurate. You see we must digest absorb and be able to use the healthy food we eat; otherwise it will do us no good at all. There are loads of people out there who do eat healthily and yet they aren’t well, so what is the reason for that? To find out I use a technique called Functional Biochemistry and as an ex nurse I am so excited by what I do because instead of handing out those drugs that simply limit symptoms what I do now works with the body to heal itself, using those natural things that the body needs, nutrients.

If you want to find out more about what I do read the section entitled Functional Biochemistry and then click on one of the conditions that most applies to you.

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